Stamps are not just some pieces of paper we place on a letter to send it somewhere.  They contain communication, history, geography, pictures, folklore, wars - nearly anything.  I have collected stamps since I was 7-8 years old, and still do.  In these pages I want to present some of what I have collected, and my hope is that it will not only interest those who already collect stamps, but anybody who is interested in - LIFE.  Check it out for yourself, and see that stamps open up areas you didn't imagine could be extracted from stamps!

Like the front page of the card above.  It tells a story.  Below you'll find a link to Albania.  The country has a long and colourful story, also on stamps.  Enjoy the reading - and be happy about the fact that some of these stamps have survived several wars! 



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East Africa

East Africa is a historically very interesting area.  So is it's stamps!  You'll find some examples from my collection here.


Some other interesting areas

   - Audhali

   - Lundy (working on it...)

   - Puffin Island (working on it...)



I am not presenting my Norwegian collection as such, but

here you can find a nice selection of postcards, mainly from Sauda, and

here I am presenting a few cancellation from the Ryfylke area in Rogaland, my home county, including Sauda.

While here there is a little of everything... :-)


Blue Cross and the fight against alcohol on stamps

Since I have been working in Blue Cross for some years, it was natural to collect stamps that somehow reflected this kind of work.  Check it out here!


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