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Kenya became independent on 12th December 1963 At 582.646 km2, Kenya is the world's forty-seventh largest country, following Madagascar.  The highest point in Kenya - and the second highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro, is Mount Kenya with 5.199 meters.  Kenya consists of over 40 ethnic groups, wherof the bigger are Kikuyu 23% (other sources say 20%), Luhya 14% (13%), Luo 13% (14%), Kalenjin 11%, Kamba 10%, Kisii 6% and Meru 5%.  Others are Maasai 1.8%, Turkana 1.5% and Embu 1.2%, while other African tribes include Somali, Taita, Swahili, Samburu, Pokomo, Giriama, Rabai, Duruma, Chonyi, Digo, Kauma, Orma, Oromo Wasanye, Wanyoyaya, Borana, Rendille, El Moran, Malakote, Teso, Gabra and Ndorobo (altogether 15%), non-African (Asian/Desi, Anglo-African/European, and Arab) 1%, with a total population of 34.707.817 (figures per 2006, from Wikipedia).




National Assembly of Kenya, the Sh 1/- stamp from the Independence serie of 12th December 1963, cancelled MOMBASA on 27th June 1964 and handwritten "Second-Class Air-Mail".  The cancellation also comprises a boxed slogan "Visit the national parks of East Africa".




This card represents the typical tourist view of Kenya; wildlife.  The elephant is one of the so called "big 5".  The card is cancelled NAMANGA (on the border to Tanzania en route from Nairobi to Arusha) New Year's eve 1964, and has the 65c Pyrethrum industry stamp from the Independence series of 12th December 1963. 



Letter cancelled MASENO 14th August 1965, bearing the 15c Heavy Industry stamp from the Independence series of 12th December 1963.  This was, however, not the correct amount to put on a letter to England, so the letter is taxed with a round Tax stamp and a rectangular red box saying Insufficiently Paid, ....d to pay" where 1is inserted.  The receiver in England had, in other words, a penny to pay for the letter.



Registered letter cancelled MOMBASA 13th January 1965, bearing a pair of the 50c Kenya Flag stamp from the Independence series of 12th December 1963.  The backside has TANGA Tanganyika registered arrival cancellation of 14th January. 



Air mail envelope cancelled NAIROBI 4th February 1965, bearing the 1 Sh 30c stamp showing a Hartlaub's Turaco.  This series of 5 was issued precisely a year after the first series; 12th December 1964, and was to commemorate the Inauguration of Republic.  The machine cancellation says "Shop by Telephone", and was probably the early 60's answer to nowadays computer shopping.



Air mail letter to Plymouth, England, cancelled NAIROBI 2 on 27th January 1966, bearing two stamps altogether 55c: The 15c Orange Weaver from the 9th October 1965 Bird series of Uganda, and the 40c Giraffes (from Mikumi National Park) from the 9th December 1965 series of different views from Tanzania.  Issues up to 1975 were also valid in the other East African stamps. 



An early Presentation Folder from Kenya, with the 12th December 1966 Animal issues.  The stamps must clearly have been made with the tourism industry in mind...  



Air mail card to Holte in Denmark, cancelled KWALE - MOMBASA on 13th January 1967, bearing the 65 c Pyrethrum Industry stamp from the Independence series of 12th December 1963.  And the motive is another goody for the tourists, a buffalo. 



Pre-printed, registered envelope with compensation levels on the back.  The letter has is cancelled NANYUKI 26th May 1969, and is also cancelled NAIROBI 28th May upon arrival.  It bears the 40 c Zebra stamp from the 12th December 1966 series of animals, and three 30 c stamps from the 14th April 1969 50th Anniversary of the International Labour Organization series for Kenya - Uganda - Tanzania, altogether 1 Sh 30.  It also has a blue, boxed registration-label from Nanyuki.



Yet another typical tourist card, this time with another one of the "big 5", the Rhinoceros.  The card is cancelled MOMBASA 16th July 1969, and bears the 65c Black Rhinoceros stamp from the 12th December 1966 series of animals.  



Air mail, registered letter with both Kenyan and East African Postal Administration stamp, cancelled ELDORET 23rd August 1975 to Kristiansand, Norway.  The Kenya Uganda Tanzania stamp is the 50c from the last series issued by EAPA, to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of East African Airways.  In addition, the letter bears a pair of the 2 Sh 50c Trapezium Horse Conch from the 15th December 1971 Kenyan series of Sea Shells. 



Aerogramme, cancelled KABETE - NAIROBI on 15th February 1977.  It bears two pairs from the 1971/74 Sea Shell series; 10c Episcopal Mitre and 40c Flame Top Shell, altogether KSH 100/= The aerogramme itself also points to the tourism industry, with the drawing of a lion cub...  



Air mail with single 2 Sh Tourmaline from the 1977 Minerals series, cancelled MOMBASA 13th December 1980.   



Tropical Suset in Africa.  The card is cancelled MALINDI 24th March 1981.  It bears the 30c Kyanite from the 1977 Minerals series, and Sh 1 stamp from the 10th February 1981 International Year for the Disabled Persons series.  The motive of this last stamp is President Daniel arap Moi presenting the Kenyan flag to Disabled Olympic Games team captain. 



Registered express letter cancelled GIGIRI - NAIROBI 11th May 1981 to Kristiansand, Norway, with altogether 8 Sh 50 in stamps.  The letter is bearing a pair of the 3 Sh and a 2 sh stamp from the 1977 Minerals series, and the 50c stamp from the 15th April 1981 Satellite Communications series, showing the Longonot Complex.  Note that the rubber stamp seems to be worn out, producing little readable first numbers in the date.  On the backside, there is a registered cancellation with very clear reading 12th May 1981, though.



Air mail letter cancelled MOMBASA 14th December 1981 to Switzerland, with two stamps from the 1977 Minerals series; 30c Kyanite and 50c Galena.  



Air mail letter sent express from MALINDI 16th February 1983 to Germany.  It is bearing a 50 c Kilau Habashia and a pair of 3 Sh 50 Mtongo Mbeja stamps from the 15th February 1983 series of flowers.  Note the missing year on the Malindi cancellation.  In Nairobi, it has been cancelled City Square post office the 18th February 1983, and in Germany it is first cancelled in transit Frankfurt am Main Flughafen (airport) 20th February 1983 and then arrival cancellation Nierstein 1 on the 21st February 1983. 



Air mail letter cancelled KAPENGURIA ?? 1983 Norway, with 5x 30c and one 2 Sh, altogether 3 Sh 50 in stamps.  The stamps are all from the Flower series of 15th February 1983, the 30c being Mwalika Mwiya and the 2 Sh Papatuo Boti. 



Tourist view again...  The card shows a Rhinoceros with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.  It is sent from NAIROBI 5th November 1984 to Switzerland, and bears a single 2 Sh 50 Tumba Mboni from the Flower series of 15th February 1983.  And following the time of the year, the machine cancellation reads "Post Letters in Good Time before Christmas". 



And yet another tourist view, this time Elephants, sent from NYALI (Mombasa) 2nd March 1984.  The stamp is a 3 Sh 50 Mtongo Mbeja stamps from the 15th February 1983 series of flowers.



An air mail letter cancelled NAIROBI 20th January 2005, bearing stamps from the 22nd February 1996 Bird series (7c Malachite Kingfisher) and 28th February 2001 Crops series - 2 Sh cotton, 20 Sh Pyrethrum, 35 Sh Coconut (pair) and 50 Sh Cashew Nuts (pair), altogether KSH 195/=.  The letter is in addition stamped City Square post office on the backside. 



In 2013, Kenya celebrated 50 years of independence, and issued several sheets of stamps to celebrate this.  The sheets give a good summary of what has been achieved during these 50 years.  Please study each sheet thoroughly :-)  The leaflet at the bottom explain each motive.









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